FAQs - Already a member?

You sure can! When you join as a member, you will be automatically assigned to the sub-branch closest to your home address. But we know that sometimes it’s easier to attend a meeting closer to your office, or maybe a lunchtime meeting. If you want to change sub-branches just head along to your chosen branch and your branch executive will arrange the transfer with Party Office.
All you need to do is get in touch with Party Office. The easiest way is to email us at [email protected] or give us a call during standard office hours on 6247 4066 and let us know what information you need to update. Just make sure to include your full name and membership number in your email.
Our system will re-attempt the deduction another three times over a fortnight to try to catch a payday. After the fourth failed deduction, the Membership Officer will contact you to see if your payment details have changed. Members have three months from the month the payment is due to settle the outstanding amount/s before the membership is suspended. If you find yourself in difficult financial circumstances, you can apply for a temporary fee waiver. The Administrative Committee will assess your application.
Sub-branch meetings are a good way to meet other members of your local Labor party. They are an opportunity to discuss and contribute to policy as well as hear from your elected representatives. However, going along to your first meeting can be daunting!
Here are a couple of things to know before you go.
  • Every sub-branch is different and no meeting will ever be the same. That being said there are a few things you can expect to see each time. Most meetings will be run by the President and the Secretary. They will take the meeting through an agenda which can include things like welcoming new members, hearing from guest speakers, debating motions, passing motions, and announcing events.
  • Often things will need to be ‘passed’ by the sub-branch, in these cases, the convenor will ask for someone to ‘move a motion’, and then someone to ‘second it’. A vote will then be called by asking ‘all in favour say I’, followed by ‘all against with nay’. You are also allowed to abstain from any vote. Sometimes if the vote is close, they will ask for a show of hands.
  • Sub-branches will often debate and discuss motions.
  • The President and Secretary (also known as the sub-branch executive) of your sub-branch are a great first point of contact for the party. If you have questions feel free to send your local branch an email or chat with them after a meeting. You can find your sub-branch email contact here.
Even though we would love to keep you, you are required to be a member of your home state branch. To have your membership transferred just get in touch with your new state branch (e.g. Victoria Labor) and let them know. Party Office will sort the rest out. Depending on the state this could take between three to six weeks.
ACTnow is the weekly newsletter that Party Office emails to members containing information about events, volunteer and training opportunities, and other relevant info about what’s happening in the branch. Details about upcoming events and the like can also be sent to members by sub-branches and elected representatives. To ensure you receive our emails, remember to mark us as a safe sender so we won’t end up in your spam folder!
Joining a policy committee is a great way to get involved in and contribute to a specific area of policy. If there is a particular area you are interested in or just want to hear more about, you can just head along to the monthly meeting (see committee meeting times here). Don’t forget to record your attendance at the meeting, that way you will be added to the mailing list for future meetings and notices!
Being a member of ACT Labor means that you get to have your say. One of the ways you can contribute to the party is through the election of party executives, delegates, and candidates. Here in the ACT, we want to offer this opportunity to as many of our members as possible but there are a couple of requirements to ensure our ballot process is fair.
Executives of Sub-branches and Policy Committees:
  • To vote you need to have been a member for 3 months.
  • To stand for election you need to have been a member for 6 months.
Conference delegates:
  • To vote you need to have been a member for 3 months
  • To be nominated to attend conference you need to have been a member for 6 months and have been in your sub-branch for a minimum of 6 months.
Pre Selection as Labor Candidates for a State or Federal election:
  • To vote you need to have been a member for 12 months.
  • To nominate someone else for pre selection you need to have been a member for 6 months
  • To stand for election you need to have been a member for 12 months membership and attend at least three meetings in preceding 12 months or six meetings in preceding 24 months.
If you find yourself going through a tough time financially, you can apply for a temporary fee waiver while you get back on your feet. To find out how to apply, please in touch with Party Office at [email protected]. Please note that applications to temporarily suspend membership payments will be assessed by the Administration committee and members must have paid at least one monthly fee to be eligible.