How to Get Involved?


Your donations help to keep our party member-driven and independent of relying on corporate donors.  ACT Labor regularly funds events, campaigns, and training to help win elections and implement Labor policy in our community. Click here to donate now.

Visit our merchandise shop

Shop the Labor merchandise collection. Don a classic red Labor Tee or explore our Limited edition Labor Pride range. Anything you buy from the store helps fund our movement and goes towards assisting Labor campaigns to ensure the ACT remains the most progressive government in Australia.

Attend a regular Labor Party Meeting

Head along to your local sub-branch meeting or a policy meeting. These are great ways of meeting other Labor members and participating in the workings of the party. Read more about our meetings here. Find more information on meetings here

Get in touch with a Member of Parliament

Our elected members are there to represent their communities. If there is something in particular you want to talk about we encourage you to reach out to your local member. You can find all your ACT Local Labor representatives here and Federal Members here. 

Talk to people

The Labor movement relies on our members. As a party we need to listen to what people have to say. As a Labor Party member we ask you to be a positive voice for the Party by sharing our position on important issues. 

We encourage all our members to have conversations with friends and family. We don’t think that politics should be a taboo topic. Our democracy relies on people's participation. Just encouraging your friends and family to chat about different political issues or events can help to build political participation. 


Do you know someone who is considering joining the Labor Party? Or maybe they just want to get more involved in politics. Friends and family are a big influencing factor when it comes to politics, so feel free to share a bit about what being a Labor party member means to you. If they have questions feel free to put them in touch with Party Office via [email protected] or 6247 4066. 

Attend the conference

Each year, hundreds of ACT Labor members and trade union delegates attend Annual Conference to build our platform. Every sub-branch elects conference delegates at their AGMs. If you’re interested in nominating, speak to your sub-branch executive team. Conference also allows for observer positions which are a great way to see how it works and watch the action. 

Join your trade union

The Labor Party was formed in 1891 to ensure that worker’s voices were heard in Australia’s Parliaments. Individual unions affiliated with state and territory ALP branches, allowing their members to get a say through representation at Branch Conference and Branch Council. The ACT Trades and Labour Council, otherwise known as Unions ACT, also have representation on the ACT Labor Advisory Council (ACTLAC). This body is a formal consultative mechanism between the Party and the union movement. 

Labor Party members are encouraged to join the relevant union for their occupation. Affiliated Union members are eligible for a reduced ACT Labor membership fee rate.