ACT Election Announcements

More teachers, teacher librarians & support staff under ACT Labor

September 20, 2020

As Canberra continues to grow, a re-elected ACT Labor Government will make sure that our public education system grows with it.

That’s why we will hire more than 400 teachers and support staff for ACT public schools.

Our city is facing a huge economic challenge, and creating jobs is our number one priority. 

This announcement is part of our comprehensive plan to grow our employment base to more than 250,000 local jobs by 2025.

Deputy Labor Leader and Education Spokesperson Yvette Berry said that ACT teachers were there when we needed them most – ensuring our children continued to learn during COVID-19 restrictions.  

“Teachers are the single most important factor to secure good educational outcomes for students,” Yvette Berry said.

“The ACT Labor Government has made sure that ACT public school teachers remain the highest paid in the country and a returned Labor government is committed to attracting and retaining a workforce of great teachers and other school staff.”

ACT Labor will also increase the availability of qualified teacher librarians in our schools.

A re-elected Government will increase the number of teacher librarians by 25 professionals by the end of the term of government.

“A qualified teacher librarian requires a four year teaching degree and a masters degree.

"To meet our target, ACT Labor will provide up to 10 interested teachers a year with a scholarship to complete the required qualification and will provide additional funding to schools to help them employ a qualified teacher librarian, prioritising those schools most in need,” Yvette Berry continued.

“With this commitment, teachers will have improved access to specialist support and advice, and curated resources to deliver high-quality learning.”

We’ve created and protected Canberra jobs through good times and bad. We promised it, and only ACT Labor can continue delivering it.