ACT Election Announcements

More support for students in our public schools

September 25, 2020

A re-elected ACT Labor Government will provide better support for students in our local public schools.

“We want all children, no matter their background or circumstances, to have the best possible access to learning,”  ACT Labor Leader Andrew Barr said.  

“That’s why ACT Labor will trial free breakfast and lunch three days a week for students at five public schools, prioritising schools that will benefit most.”

“It is no surprise that the evidence shows that kids learn better on a full stomach, and this commitment will build on the great community run breakfast clubs already providing meals in some schools.”

The trial is expected to cost around $700,000.

This initiative will be supported by a new team of youth and social workers who will support wellbeing in our public schools.

“These new youth workers will assist students with planning for their individual needs, goals and strategies while at school,” Labor’s spokesperson for Education Yvette Berry said.

“Social workers will complement this by working with a student and their family to provide support, advocacy and mediation aimed at improving student engagement.”

By the end of the term of government, a re-elected Labor team will hire the equivalent of 25 youth and social workers, with an investment of over $7.4 million.”

Through a staged process, a re-elected Government will be able to recruit specialist youth and social workers to these roles and create more jobs in our city.”

“Schools will be key to supporting children as our community navigates the impacts of COVID-19. Right now, governments need to be prioritising wellbeing supports in schools, and these commitments demonstrate that ACT Labor has the right plan to support our city through the coming years.”

For disability inclusion, ACT Labor will work with people with disabilities to create a future of education where students with disabilities are included in a way that suits them and their families.

This will include feasibility work on renewal of Canberra’s northside specialist schools.

Labor will also:

  • Implement a gender equality in schools initiative to Provide a whole-school approach to respectful relationships education and prevent domestic and family violence by creative a culture of gender equality in schools;
  • Continue the Safe and Inclusive Schools Initiative that supports gender and sexual diversity in schools; and
  • Provide funding to work towards embedding local Aboriginal language and culture into the public school system.

These initiatives are in addition to ACT Labor’s $12 million Future of Education Equity Fund that will support disadvantaged families in local schools with their education expenses.

“A child’s background or circumstances shouldn’t determine whether or not they can access a great education and reach their potential. Under an ACT Labor Government every child will have access to a great education,” Yvette Berry continued.