ACT Election Announcements

More health services at walk-in centres under ACT Labor

September 12, 2020

A re-elected ACT Labor Government will enhance our successful network of five nurse led walk-in centres to provide better healthcare, where and when Canberrans need it.

Nurses and allied health workers at the centres already provide excellent care for injuries and illness including colds and flu, sprains and strains, skin conditions and rashes, and minor wounds and infections.

Labor’s plan will see walk-in centres treat a wider range of injuries and illnesses.

We will employ more nurse practitioners in our walk-in centres to ensure there is always a nurse practitioner available at each of the five Centres in our city-wide network.

Nurse practitioners can order and interpret diagnostic tests and prescribe certain medications such as antibiotics and anti-inflammatories.

They can make specialist referrals and support the management of chronic conditions alongside primary and tertiary healthcare providers.

ACT Labor will also establish an outpatient imaging service at Weston Creek Walk-in Centre with CT, ultrasound and Xray, enabling patients to receive these services quickly and on site.

This commitment is part of our plan to hire at least 400 new health professionals if re-elected.

Our nurse led walk-in centres have been there when we needed them most, including providing vital testing for COVID-19.

Under ACT Labor, we will deliver even more healthcare services at our nurse-led walk in centres, taking pressure off our emergency departments and delivering free, accessible public healthcare across the city.

The Canberra Liberals have been critical of walk-in centres, but Canberrans have embraced them.

An ACT Labor Government will ensure nurse-led walk-in centres continue to provide free healthcare for Canberrans seven days a week.