ACT Election Announcements

Major road, pedestrian and parking upgrades for Pialligo

August 31, 2020

Residents, businesses and visitors to Pialligo will benefit from major upgrades to roads, pedestrian infrastructure and parking under a re-elected ACT Labor Government. 

These improvements are part of our plan is to protect and create more than 250,000 local jobs by 2025 as part of Canberra’s recovery from COVID-19.

Pialligo is a much-loved part of our city, and the current ACT Labor Government has been working with the community to design infrastructure that will meet the needs to local businesses and visitors

The plan developed with residents and businesses will see:

  • New footpaths along Beltana Road
  • Landscaping to align with the rural nature of the area as well as acknowledging the nature of local businesses, including garden centres
  • Formalised parking
  • A new left in / left out intersection with Pialligo Avenue at the corner of Beltana and Kallaroo Roads and investigation into traffic calming measures on Beltana Road

In these uncertain times, ACT Labor has the right plan to support Canberra and protect local jobs. 

ACT Labor leader and Tourism Spokesperson Andrew Barr said that investment will support an area of the ACT that is becoming increasingly popular with visitors. 

ACT Labor's plan for Pialligo

“We all know that Pialligo is popular destination for locals and residents in the Canberra region, but it’s also somewhere Canberrans bring friends and family from around the country”, Andrew Barr said. 

Our local tourism industry has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, and a re-elected Labor Government will continue to support the sector as part of our Jobs and Economic Recovery Plan.

Member for Kurrajong Rachel Stephen-Smith said that the commitment will be a significant boost to local residents and businesses. 

“I’m a regular visitor at Pialligo and have been listening to locals about their concerns for pedestrian safety and the need for road upgrades to accommodate increasing traffic”, Rachel Stephen-Smith said.

Last year, the ACT Labor Government worked with the community to come up with a new plan for Beltana Road, Kallaroo Road, footpaths, parking and a new connection with Pialligo Avenue.

“I’m thrilled that a re-elected Labor Government will continue to work with the residents and businesses to fully implement our plan.”

ACT Labor spokesperson for Roads and Active Travel Chris Steel said that the commitment will be part of Labor’s plan to investment in better suburban infrastructure across the city.

As part of the ACT’s Jobs and Economic Recovery Plan, the Labor Government has outlined an ambitious $4 billion infrastructure plan to create and protect local jobs”, Chris Steel said. 

“We want to keep working every day to protect the health and livelihoods of our community.”

“I look forward to making further announcements on how we will continue to create and protect local jobs through suburban infrastructure projects in the weeks ahead.”