ACT Election Announcements

Labor’s plan to support local jobs and businesses during COVID-19

October 06, 2020

As part of our COVID-19 economic recovery plan to support local jobs and businesses, a re-elected ACT Labor Government will launch a new campaign and digital discount voucher initiative to encourage spending at local businesses.

The Canberra community has responded well to the pandemic so far, and that has allowed many businesses to reopen over the past few months.

However, the pandemic is not over and as the Federal Liberal Government begins to roll back JobKeeper and JobSeeker, a re-elected ACT Labor Government will continue to support local jobs and businesses.

ACT Labor’s ‘Choose CBR’ initiative will support many local businesses that have been hard-hit by the ongoing pandemic, particularly businesses operating in the tourism, hospitality, events and retail sectors.

As part of the ACT Government’s Economic Recovery plan released in August, work commenced on a Digital Discount Program to support local businesses.

A re-elected Labor Government will invest $2.5 million into the discount program, to provide discount vouchers for Canberrans to use at eligible businesses.

It is expected that local businesses will be able to participate if they:

  • Have a physical shopfront in the ACT
  • Are receiving Jobkeeper
  • Are in the retail, tourism, arts and recreation and hospitality sectors (per ANZIC codes)
  • Have less than $10 million in turnover per annum
  • Have been operational for at least six months.

If ACT Labor is re-elected, we will work to finalise the scheme before launching in time for Christmas 2020.  

ACT Labor is committed to keeping Canberrans employed and growing jobs to reach a target of more than 250,000 jobs by 2025.

The pandemic isn’t over and only ACT Labor has the right plan to create and support local jobs and businesses.