ACT Election Announcements

Delivering the infrastructure for a growing Molonglo Region

September 29, 2020

A re-elected ACT Labor Government will deliver the infrastructure that the Molonglo Valley needs.  

As an experienced team, we know that a growing community doesn’t just mean increased revenue.

Labor's plan for Molonglo

Canberrans that are moving to our new and growing suburbs require great community services and infrastructure. 

If re-elected, ACT Labor’s comprehensive plan for the Molonglo Valley will include the construction of district playing fields at Stromlo Forest Park, and a new library and community centre.

This is on top of work that has already commenced to fast track the Molonglo Commercial Centre, design a fire and ambulance station and design the Molonglo Bridge completing John Gorton Drive.  

Access to local district playing fields make our suburbs great places to live.

If given the opportunity, ACT Labor will start work on the Stromlo District Playing Fields next term, which will include at least two playing fields, training lights, a pavilion and parking infrastructure.   

A returned ACT Labor Government will also work with the Molonglo community on a co-design process for a new library and community centre for the growing Molonglo Valley community. 

To ensure the new community in Whitlam has access to the fast tracked Molonglo commercial centre, a re-elected ACT Labor government will build the John Gorton Drive bridge over the Molonglo River. The completed road will accommodate public transport and shared paths.  

A re-elected Labor Government will expand public healthcare in the Molonglo region by piloting a new, integrated model as one of Labor’s five new walk-in health centres.

The new centre in Coombs will be co-located alongside the existing National Health Co-op. 

Work is continuing on the new, zero emissions P-6 school in Denman Prospect, which will open in 2021. This school will include a double gymnasium suitable for roller derby and other community uses. 

The new zero emissions Molonglo High School is also due to open in 2023. 

A re-elected ACT Labor Government will also release land for a new non-Government school in the region, and start planning for future capacity in our college system to meet the needs of families in the region.   

This comprehensive plan for new infrastructure in the Molonglo Valley will create and protect thousands of local jobs in the ACT over the coming decade.