ACT Election Announcements

Belconnen Town Centre to host trial of food recycling scheme

September 07, 2020

5,000 households in the Belconnen town centre will be the first to benefit from a food recycling scheme in the ACT under a re-elected ACT Labor Government.

The Belconnen Town Centre is an ideal precinct to trial the service, with a mix of single and multi-unit dwellings.

The trial will be used to inform the city-wide rollout of a food recycling scheme under a re-elected Labor Government.

More than a third of ACT residential garbage bin contents are food waste (37%) which currently goes to landfill and contributes to greenhouse gas emissions.

By managing food waste through a new system, a re-elected ACT Labor Government will reduce the ACT’s emissions from the waste sector by approximately 30%.

Under the proposed scheme, Canberrans will be able to place food waste in their existing green bins along with other garden waste.

This service is expected to create up to 200 new jobs across collection, construction and ongoing management of the service.

A re-elected ACT Labor Government will also bring forward the rollout of the successful household bulky waste pickup scheme to all Canberrans by 2021.

It was a 2016 Labor commitment to start a bulky waste pickup scheme in the ACT, and now we want all Canberrans to be able to access the scheme as quickly as possible.

Bulky waste pickup supports Canberrans with a free service to help get rid of larger items that would otherwise mean a trip to the tip; but it also means less waste going to landfill through our partnerships to reclaim many of the items.

Expanding the scheme will support jobs directly through the delivery of the scheme.

Now more than ever, we need a government that Canberrans can trust to protect local jobs, take real action on climate change and support our economy.