ACT Election Announcements

ACT Labor will fast track the removal of hazardous materials in public schools

September 18, 2020

A re-elected Labor government will accelerate the removal of hazardous materials from public school infrastructure through a dedicated $15 million fund.

Many buildings, including schools, built before 1985 in the ACT contain some hazardous building materials that require management plans to ensure the buildings remain safe.

Managing these materials can be complex.

As buildings age, management becomes more difficult and costly.

ACT Labor will allocate $15 million, on top of funding for school infrastructure repairs and maintenance, dedicated to the removal of hazardous materials from public school buildings.

A new team in the Education Directorate will oversee this program and work with schools to give them confidence that school facilities remain safe.

The ACT Labor Government has a strong record of investing heavily in school infrastructure upgrades.

Over the four years from 2016, the ACT Labor Government allocated more than $115 million to upgrade public school, including removal of hazardous materials. 

The safety of students and staff is a priority, and this includes making sure that families and students feel comfortable and confident that schools are safe.

This commitment will fast track a program of works to remove hazardous materials from public schools and will create jobs for Canberra’s economic recovery.