ACT Election Announcements

ACT Labor’s Big Canberra Battery

September 30, 2020

The ACT Government recently announced that two large solar battery storage systems would be built in the Territory under the terms of the Government’s fifth renewable energy reverse auction.  

ACT Labor made the ACT the renewable energy capital of Australia, and we want to build on that achievement. 

We think that Canberra can achieve something even bigger.

That’s why, if re-elected this October, ACT Labor will start work to deliver one of the biggest renewable battery storage system in Australia.

ACT Labor’s Big Canberra Battery will deliver at least 250MW of battery storage – ensuring lower electricity prices and a more stable and resilient power grid.

This major Canberra project will be significantly bigger than the Hornsdale Battery in South Australia, which is being upgraded to hold 150MW of storage.

ACT Labor wants Canberra to become a globally recognised centre for renewable energy innovation and investment.

The global battery storage market is predicted to be worth $400 billion by 2030 and the ACT is an ideal launching pad for national and international businesses wanting to get a head start in this exciting emerging industry.

Through our sustainable and resilient household scheme, which will see more Canberra households fit solar panels to their roofs, we will be generating a significant amount of renewable energy in this city.

We want to store that energy and provide it back into the grid when Canberra households and businesses need it.

ACT Labor’s Big Canberra Battery will involve a distributed network of batteries that will be built around the city.

As a combined network, this battery system can address network constraints, enable more Canberrans to have solar and shorten the pay-off period of domestic solar systems.

After delivering 100% renewable electricity, battery storage is the key next step to protect the ACT when fossil fuel generators fail during hot summers.

ACT Labor recognises that low-cost energy storage is the missing-link in the transition to a 100% renewable National Electricity Market.

This investment will continue driving down energy costs, supporting sustainable national energy infrastructure, facilitate greater community participation in the renewables revolution and ensure economic and environmental benefits for the Territory.

We will establish an expert team to lead procurement, determine suitable sites and ensure the new batteries provide the greatest economic and environmental benefits.

This will include working with local communities on locations across the city, including co-location near local solar farms, proximity to the transmission network, and ACT Government sites such as the planned zero-emissions bus depot.

This five year $100 million commitment, along with our Sustainable Household and Sustainable Education Loan Schemes, are ACT Labor’s headline Climate Change policy commitments – policies that will ensure that the ACT continues to take a national leadership role in action on climate change.

Our climate change policy will create good, local enviro jobs.

Through the implementation of our suite of policies, a re-elected ACT Labor Government will create more than 2,000 local jobs.

ACT Labor understands that creating sustainable, local jobs that cut emissions and power bills is fundamental to Canberra’s economic recovery.

ACT Labor has already announced that we will support more Canberra households to install solar through our $150 million zero-interest loan scheme. We have also announced an additional low interest loan scheme for local non-government schools to support investment in solar panels and battery storage systems.

The new schools that ACT Labor has announced this campaign will all be zero-emissions schools.

ACT Labor’s climate change plan also includes a city-wide food recycling service, the full transition of our public bus fleet to electric and more EV charging stations.

Now more than ever Canberra needs a Government that has a proven plan to take action on climate change, reduce power bills and ensure a better future for our city.