ACT Election Announcements

ACT Labor and Tennis ACT will build new Gungahlin tennis facility

September 10, 2020

A re-elected ACT Labor Government will provide better local sporting infrastructure in Gungahlin by supporting a new tennis facility.

A re-elected Labor team, in partnership with Tennis ACT, will construct the new facility, which aims to include 10-12 full sized courts, hot shots courts, a hitting wall, LED flood lighting, parking and a pavilion. 

Our investment will be around $8 million over three years. 

Tennis ACT will also make a funding contribution towards the project. 

The construction of the facility will also help create more jobs, at a time when our city needs it most.

Our Plan is to grow our employment base to more than 250,000 local jobs by 2025 as part of Canberra’s recovery from COVID-19. 

Minister for Sports and Recreation Yvette Berry said that Canberra has the highest rates of participation in sport across the country.

“Tennis in the ACT continues to grow with over 32,000 participants. This facility will not only help the sport continue to grow—through initiatives like Book-a-Court and the Tennis in Schools Program—but will also support the ACT to host bigger tennis events," Yvette Berry said. 

“Investing in sport infrastructure benefits the Canberra community in so many important ways and means that Canberran’s can have an active and healthy lifestyle and connect with their community.”

This facility will also support the NK Foundation to engage children who have challenging and complex lives in sport.

ACT Labor has the experience to deliver this project and the right plan to support Canberra and protect local jobs.