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ACT Labor believes that every Canberran deserves an education that allows them to get the most out of life – in their job, their career and their community. Education has the power to break down barriers, improve our health and help people lead fulfilling lives.


What we’ve achieved

ACT Labor has always invested heavily in education, increasing education funding every year we have been in government to a record $1.2 billion in 2016-17.

We have worked with our community to build the best education system in Australia.


What we’re doing

Education drives the economy of this smart city and ACT Labor wants to make sure that all Canberrans have the education and skills necessary for the ACT economy of the future. Building better skills and training means building a better Canberra.

ACT Labor believes in equality of access and opportunity. Every child deserves a great education, regardless of their background or their postcode. ACT Labor supports the full implementation of the the Gonski needs-based funding model, and will keep working to make sure the Commonwealth fully honours the original agreement.


Upgrades to make Canberra schools even better

ACT Labor will invest $85m in capital for upgrades to Canberra’s public primary schools, high schools and colleges between 2017-18 and 2020-21.

ACT Labor will deliver upgrades and extensions to existing classrooms, new classrooms, refurbishment of toilets and change rooms, new gardens and horticultural facilities, equipment upgrades and heating and cooling systems and energy efficiency improvements to Canberra’s public primary schools, high schools.

ACT Labor will also allocate infrastructure grant funding of $15m over four years for non-government schools.

The funding will be delivered on an ‘as needs’ basis, consistent with the Gonski funding principles. It will be provided to undertake infrastructure or facility upgrades, this includes infrastructure upgrades to cater to the needs of children with a disability.

Download Labor's policy here


Supporting Parents and Students

ACT Labor recognises the contribution parents make to the success of their children at school. We believe that government can play a supportive role for parents assisting the education of their children. That's why we have released a set of commitments to help support parents and students.

Download Labor's plan to support parents and students here


Skills and Higher Education

ACT Labor understands that providing a high quality education is the key to unlocking disadvantage, creating opportunities for people and empowering them to thrive and pursue a great life and career.

Download Labor's Skills and Higher Education Plan here


Labor's Plan for Education

Download Labor's full education policy here